Top 10 Best High End Smartphones in India

Top 10 High End Smartphones in India

BlackBerry Q10

Blackberry Q10 Top Features and Limitations

The new Blackberry Q10 is built to keep you moving based on the latest Blackberry 10 OS. It’s a smartly designed with vibrant screen display tele-smart-device. Powerful smartphone with super-faster web experience with Blackberry Q10.

The Blackberry legacy in QWERTY profile smartphones is remarkable and unmatched, so the Blackberry Q10 is! A new BlackBerry Keyboard for most effortless typing experience on Q10. It’s a dual input Smartphone, with 3.1″ OLED multi-touch display and physical QWERTY keys to ease you and to provide you more flexibility and comfort.

Features like BlackBerry Balance (technology to keep your information secure by creating two profiles, one for work and another for personal use) , BlackBerry Hub to stay connected, BBM Video with Screen Share (Switch a BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation), BlackBerry Remember (Club/Group all related info at one place) you can do much more everyday!

The Q10 lacks the prediction text engine exceptionally cool offered in Z10. It has limited apps to amaze you if compared with iOS or Android Marketplace.

The Best Price of BlackBerry Q10 in India is Rs.43,600.

Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia ZL

The Xperia ZL is very much synonymous to Sony Xperia Z. The major difference is Sony Xperia Z is more rugged with water and dust resistant capabilities. Also, the Xperia Z offers better talk time with more powerful battery and lighter in weight.

Taking the naked eye comparison of both Xperia Z and ZL shows difference in camera placement and notification light placed differently.

Else, it has symmetrical hardware aligned via same quad core CPU, Jelly Bean OS, camera features, network connections, it also has a remote control application you can use the built-in IR blaster to control a TV and other. I don’t find a reason to go for Xperia ZL, if I can buy the Xperia Z. Rest is on you – cos final decision is yours!

The Best Price of Sony Xperia ZL in India is Rs.30,877.

BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is the first phone on BlackBerry 10 operating system. The latest Blackberry 10 is completely new software without a piece of code used from previous iteration.

It has an eye catching design, aesthetic looks, sturdy ergonomics with stunning display quality. Blackberry Hub feature, decent camera along with good battery life is not a sheer co-incidence as Blackberry 10 is completely redesigned, re engineered and re-invented to remain/bag the number one position in messaging devices in corporate arena, smart keyboard, hassle-free browsing experience and much more.

Blackberry may be a concern for those who want countless apps for fun, infotainment, utility and much more. Speaker quality may have been more crunchy along with little more battery backup! The Blackberry Maps may disappoint you with limited access, a must for those who are on the go, frequent flyers/travelers.

The Best Price of BlackBerry Z10 in India is Rs.30,749.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a successor of the first Note with gorgeous build quality, aesthetic looks and glazing ergonomics. It has a incredibly crispy display with the rear fitted camera to offer you unmatched picture/video vivid quality.

The overall response and performance of Note 2 is uncompromising with it’s claim. S Pen gives you more usability in Note 2 with the latest Android and TouchWiz. It has 2 kinds of keyboard, chrome browser, S Beam.

The size of Note 2 may be a turn off for handy-pocket friendly smartphone with Radio missing in it.

The Best Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India is Rs.26,645.

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone perhaps has the best design for a smartphone in the market today, either you refer iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5. The iPhone 4S has incredible build quality with stunning retina display.

The iPhone 4S has good hardware impression along with innovative Siri – The first of it’s kind, voice guided personal assistant started by Apple. Siri interprets commands without much repetition.

The iOS operating system is simple to use and very user-friendly for everyone. The iOS updates are directly offered by Apple rather than the handset manufacturer or network provider releases an update, as in the case of Android.

The best and largest App store around the world for any smartphone. Also, it has a dedicated virtual camera button for instant spontaneous click at your ease. If you lose your data or get a new device, it’s a click away to restore using iCloud Backup.

The Best Price of Apple iPhone 4S (16 GB) in India is Rs.33,999.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 has Large 4.5″ inch screen with incredible contrast/brightness. It has got an iconic, stunning design with Intuitive and friendly UI. Users can enjoy Nokia apps for unlimited fun, entertainment and utility activities.

With Nokia Lumia 920, the pictures and videos are detailed, blur-free and bright, no matter what its light conditions are in. The Lumia 920 has Xbox Live integration and Xbox management.

The best part is it’s wireless charging capabilities and provision!

One may find Nokia Apps to be limited if compared with Android or iOS offering via there apps ecosystem. You have to enter a micro SIM card cos the standard SIM will not work in Lumia 920. Also, you get disappointed if you want microSD card support. The Lumia 920 has great looks though its weight is 185grams which is comparatively heavy in it’s segment.

The Best Price of Nokia Lumia 920 in India is Rs.29,245.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony’s latest Xperia Z has an incredible design, excellent build quality, rich feel with premium touch while holding this sturdy and ergonomics handset with tempered glass at the back like iPhone 4 rather than cheaper plastic cover/case.

It has a 5″ inch HD 1080p display with 3D engine, high end four Krait cores processor, an Autofocus 13 MP HDR rear camera with true color experience, automatic brightness adjustment, all-glass aesthetic looks with minimal bazel and slim profile.

The best part is it’s completely water/dust resistant smartphone, first of its kind and all background apps and data transfers are disabled when the screen is turned off to save the battery usage, what else one want in a smartphone! Sony’s legendary flawless sound, bass effect, music quality is next to none. Sony has added a Stamina Mode that tremendously increases the standby time by multiple times.

One might get disappointed by it’s viewing angle, non-user replacement battery and display contrast. Other than this, the latest network connection options like 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE.

The Best Price of Sony Xperia Z in India is Rs.33,741.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 is a successor in the Galaxy series of Samsung, with its predecessor being Galaxy S3.

It is slimmer and lighter as compared to S3 with little hardware changes and massive software updates/tweaks to make you crazy with the new Galaxy S4.

It has large 5″ inch Super AMOLED screen with better resolution of 1080x1920p. It has the new 13MP with better hardware and software integrated to it like the Dual Shot mode. Loaded with the latest Android 4.2.2 OS with numerous software utilities, features and tweaks like Air Gestures, S Health, Air Views, built in pedometer and sensors for temperature and humidity, you can view multiple setting shortcuts and enhanced swipe down menu is configured.

The size of Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a concern for few for carrying this superb smartphone.

The Best Price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India is Rs.36,749.  

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

The latest iPhone 5 has incredible retina display for vivid and crisp view. The new A6 chip works hand in hand with iOS 6 to be extremely power efficient. So that, you don’t compromise battery life for speed although it has a good battery backup. Moreover, iOS 7 will be available shortly for iOS compatible devices.

Ultra Fast Connectivity Options: HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. And dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity accelerates your Wi-Fi experience as well, that goes up to 150 Mbps.

Brilliant iSight camera picture/video results. The most trusted Apple source ecosystem highly famous as App store which provides a million of ways to be entertained cos it has around 800000 apps. Apple iCloud puts your content on all your devices to delight you seamlessly.

You might get disappointed if you are looking for microSD Card Slot or wish to use Standard/Normal or Micro SIM card with it ;)

The Best Price of iPhone 5 (16 GB) in India is Rs.41,640.



The HTC One is Slim and Light weight Smartphone. It is driven by the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS with Sense 5. The HTC One has a large 4.7″ inch full HD SuperLCD3 HD display. It has tremendous networking capabilities with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n bands, DLNA support and WiFi Direct to ease your work and lifestyle.

Powered by faster Snapdragon 600 (1.7GHz quad-core) chipset. It has superb camera that can shoot at 1080p video with features like HTC Zoe, removing objects, smile detection and sequence shot.

It has GLONASS support and an NFC chip to communicate with the capable devices, Bluetooth 4.0. It has a long battery backup. This smartphone has an infrared diode that will allow the phone to become a universal remote for any TV or media center. Enjoy stereo effect with twins speakers at top and bottom of the screen.

The Best Price of HTC One in India is Rs.39,390.


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