Samsung Launches World’s Largest CURVED Ultra High definition TV


Samsung S9, U8500 and U7500 Series UHD Television, World’s first and largest curved as well as flat form factors in Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas 2014. Samsung will release 10 UHD Smart TV models ranging from 50″ inch to 110″ inch flat as well as curved screens. These are the first of its kind curved UHD at 105″ inch large Television.

Samsung’s Executive VP HS Kim says, “People usually change their phones every two years because new value is being added”. “In the U.S. on average it takes about six years for people to upgrade their TVs, but if we create more value, maybe they’ll upgrade their TVs not every six years, but five or four years.

Some Key Features of Samsung’s Bendable Ultra High definition (UHD) TV :

  • Supported Standards : HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HDCP 2.2, future ready via Samsung UHD Evolution Kit, Compatible with VESA Standards
  • Ultimate Immersive Experience with Largest UHD Televisions
  • Aspect Ratio : movie theatre 21:9
  • UHD TVs provide unsurpassed picture quality in 4K resolution
  • Delivers truly cinematic quality pictures
  • The new Multi-Link feature brings contextual multitasking to the big screen
  • It offers immersive panoramic viewing experience not possible with flat screens
  • Samsung’s auto depth enhancer which delivers 3D effects
  • PurColor technology that renders a more vibrant and rich picture
  • The 2014 Samsung Smart Hub is more intuitive with a new design
  • TV boasts 11 million pixels for amazing viewing experience
  • UHD Dimming technology also helps to further optimise picture quality by processing each block of a picture to deliver deeper blacks and improved contrast
  • The Samsung U8500 UHD TV’s thinness of 1.2 inches and the extremely narrow 7mm bezel combine to create a panel-only illusion
  • No official announcement on it’s price or availability in India


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